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Product Overview

TEAM AutoRecords is a fully customizable enterprise records management solution which provides tools to automatically apply retention to content and automatically execute disposition instructions with little to no user intervention.

AutoRecords Concepts

AutoRecords is an Enterprise Records Mangement System (ERMS) which runs within M-Files. AutoRecords provides capabilities to apply records management and retention over objects on the M-Files system automatically. The flexibility of M-Files means that the M-Files objects can be electronic documents such as a PDF, Word Document, etc. or they can be an electronic representations of physical objects such as a box of invoices. AutoRecords uses Policies to automatically apply a Retention Category to files and objects in the M-Files repository.

AutoRecords Flowchart

Based on the Retention Category assigned by the Policy, Events are scheduled for the object/file on the system. Events will perform an Action or series of Actions on a given date. The general concept behind AutoRecords is that "After some triggering event, wait some period of time and the perform some action." For example "after an invoice is created, wait seven years and then destroy the invoice."

AutoRecords evaluates each object on the system to determine if the trigger criteria for that Object has been met. Once the conditions are met, the associated Event is updated with an Event Date based on the period of time to wait. For example, we may have invoices and we want to keep all invoices 7 years after they've been sent. So when an invoice is created on the system an Event will also be created, but the Event won't have a scheduled date until something in the system tells AutoRecords that the Invoice has been "sent" such as a status is changed to Sent. At that time, AutoRecords evaluates the period to wait and schedules the Event for seven years from the time the invoice was sent.

Importantly, AutoRecords also fully supports the concept of a Hold which will prevent the Event from being executed if there is ongoing litigation or some other reason to temporarily suspend processing of the item.

The AutoRecords process is shown at a high level in this image.

AutoRecords Flowchart